Steyr Sport 2016

Sporting Success

We love to be able to share the success of Steyr shooters, please let us know or email any photos and results for us to share here.

Please call us on the below telephone number or email us with  anything you may like us to share with your fellow Steyr shooters.

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Josh Vaughan - World Junior F/T Champion

Neil Hague - BFTA Euro Champion

Neil’s CV

2016 BFTA Euro

2016 BFTA Showdown

2016 ETL Essex 50

2015 BFTA Silhouette

2014,2015,2016 NEFTA F/T

2014,2015,2016 Silhouette

James McLachlan for becoming HFT World Champion

Steyr also came first in the Manufacturers Team competition.

The team consisted of James McLachlan, Justin Grice, Simon Vant and Dave Taylor.